An Enhancing Valve For the End Users Support For Added Value


The Shipping-KPI platform Implemented an encouragement to use end user’s support for added value, says a press release published on their website.

Enhancing support

Most companies are set up in the Shipping-KPI platform shortly after registration. However, shipping is a dynamic industry. Adjustments to the company’s Shipping-KPI profile may be imposed by internal or external factors. The support on all facilities of the Shipping-KPI platform is an integrated benefit of the system.

Benefits for investment parties

One of the recent adjustments to the Shipping-KPI platform includes the introduction of Cost Categories as a separated group. Since external benchmarking in this category requires a significant accumulation of information, all invested parties will benefit from the submission of data into the system. Due to the limited amount of information available, cost categories are only available on ship level. This means users must go to the “My Ships” section of the website and select a relevant ship to view the group.

Direct your enquiry for support

For all matters related to the company account or user administration, please direct your enquiry to the BIMCO Shipping-KPI team: If the enquiry is related to the day-to-day upkeep of the system, data submission, or other features such as setting up business units or integrating the Shipping-KPI system with other platforms used by your company, please direct your inquiry to the end-user support team using

Facilities including:

Having a streamlined account set-up on the Shipping-KPI platform will:

  • Increase the value and insights gained from the platform and the submitted data
  • Ensure data submissions are relevant and consistent
  • Ensure continuous access with multiple top-level administrators

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Source: Bimco


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