An LNG Dual-Fueled Multifunctional Dry Cargo Vessel Will Be Built


“Lady Marie Christine” was delivered on January 24, 2022, from Wuhu Shipyard in China, according to Jost Bergmann, Business Director MPV & General Cargo Ships at DNV. “Lady Marie Christine” is one of the first multipurpose dry cargo vessels (MPV) in European short-sea shipping to operate on dual fuel with LNG as the main fuel, according to Jost Bergmann, Business Director MPV & General Cargo Ships at DNV as reported by Safety4Sea.


According to Mr Bergmann, “Lady Marie Christine” boasts various state-of-the-art efficiency advancements, putting the ship and its sister boats on schedule to fulfil the IMO’s decarbonization goals by 2050. These are:

  • A dual-fuel engine designed to run on LNG as well as conventional marine diesel oil;
  • Hull lines optimized to minimize resistance in water in conjunction with a controllable-pitch nozzle propeller;
  • Optimized propulsion train and a frequency-controlled, PTO-driven shaft generator allowing the main engine to run at optimum rotational speed and the propeller with optimum pitch;
  • Waste heat recovery system.

“The combination of all these features allows the ship to achieve an excellent EEDI value of 9.33 g CO2/tNm against the required Phase 2 value of 15.9 g CO2/tNm – in other words, a value as low as 56.7% of the required value”. 

Ad Toonen, Technical Manager at Wijnne Barends, commented on the vessel’s decarbonization characteristics, adding that the vessel series is designed to meet future environmental requirements without requiring significant modification.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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