An Open Access CO2 Shipping And Storage Terminal To Be Developed In The UK!

Credit: matthias-heyde-unsplash

Stanlow Terminals and Eni UK will develop an open-access carbon dioxide (CO2) shipping and storage terminal in the UK, says an article on Engine online. 

CO2 Ship Transportation 

CO2 captured from industries will be carried by vessels to the proposed terminal and stored there until further transfer, UK-based liquid storage provider Stanlow Terminals said. According to the company, the project will be located at the Stanlow Terminal site between Manchester and Liverpool on the UK’s west coast. “Developing CO2 ship transportation will play a significant role in the expansion of CCS infrastructure, by offering feasible and flexible routes between sources and storage sites,” said the company. Using ships to transport CO2 can enable companies to store captured CO2 in depleted gas fields, it added.

Renewable Marine Fuels

The CO2 will eventually be transported to Eni UK’s upcoming CO2 storage plant in the northwest UK. Eni UK, the UK-based subsidiary of oil major Eni, is constructing a CO2 storage plant in the Liverpool Bay area of the UK as part of its HyNet industrial decarbonisation plan. The storage facility is expected to commence operations in 2025 with an initial CO2 storage capacity of 4.5 million mt/year. This capacity is expected to increase to 10 million mt/year by 2030 with a target total storage capacity of 200 million mt, said Eni. CO2 captured from industries and shipping emissions can be used as a feedstock for the production of renewable marine fuels like synthetic methanol.

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Source: Engineonline



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