Analysing the Greek Maritime Fleet

Credits: Kerensa Pickett/Unsplash

Rebecca Galanopoulos Jones, Senior Content Analyst, highlights the Greek fleet breakdown by vessel type, top owning nations, S&P transactions, top Greek owners, CII distribution and the most valuable Greek vessels. You can read the full piece here. 

Greek Fleet Breakdown

“Bulkers are the most popular vessels within the Greek fleet, with a total of 2,272 vessels, followed by Tankers with 1,450 vessels and Containers with 430 ships. Tankers are the most valuable sector for Greece, worth USD 61.03 bil. This sector has recently seen extraordinary increases in values, which have hit 13-year highs over the last year…”  Read more.

Greek Beneficial Owners

Maran Gas Maritime, the LNG arm of the Angelicoussis Group, is ranked first in a list of the top five Greek owners with a fleet value of USD 8.01 bil. Additionally, their fleet consists of 22 live vessels and a further 12 on order. Thenamaris have the largest fleet with 95 vessels both live and on order and a total value of USD 5.24 bil…”  Read more.

Greek S&P

In terms of S&P, Greece was the second top seller of secondhand vessels in 2022, with 428 vessels sold and a total value of USD 11.7 bil. Greece came behind China who sold 532 ships, receiving USD 12.93 bil. Greece was also the second biggest spender last year, splashing out USD 9.77 bil on a total of 376 vessels…”  Read more.

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Source: All About Shipping


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