Angus Company Donates £4,370 To The Royal Marines Charity, Keeping Its Pledge

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Ian Clark, the managing director of IED Training Solutions, served in the 45 Commando in Arbroath for 22 years, as reported by The Courier.

The Royal Marines Charity

IED Training Solutions, situated in Arbroath, donated £4,370 to RMA – The Royal Marines Charity, which aids active-duty and retired Royal Marines as well as their families.

On the outskirts of Angus town, in the memorial grounds at RM Condor, the transfer took place.

IED Solutions’ managing director Ian Clark served in the Royal Marines Commando for 22 years, spending most of that time stationed at 45 Commando.

Charity promise met

Additionally, the gift carried on the award-winning company’s promise to donate 50% of all net proceeds from the money made from the sale of mental health first aid training courses to the charity.

We feel a great sense of excitement and pride to have the chance to collaborate with RMA – The Royal Marines Charity, according to Ian.

The Royal Marines are genuinely unique, and those of us who have served in the Corps or have had the honour to do so are particularly conscious of the influence that our service has had on our lives.

The company is based on its ethos, which is to inspire, educate, and develop people.

“It is a strategy that supports our sincere desire to change the world.”

Improving civilian life 

Working with businesses to develop and improve their health and wellness, safety, mental health, and trauma management plans are IED’s main areas of concentration.

It provides nationally approved training courses to active duty people, service members who have left the military, the veteran community, and RMA business sponsors through its partnership with RMA – The Royal Marines Charity.

And those credentials are facilitating the transfer into civilian life for former Royal Marines who have lost their professions.

IED also supports the return to employment of complex-needs vulnerable veterans.

“Watching the charity’s recipients improve after receiving the credentials they acquire via IED offers us all a great deal of happiness,” added Ian.

Guidance to health issues 

Up to May of last year, 118 individuals participated in the collaborative training initiative.

They learned how to offer guidance and helpful assistance to people who are dealing with mental health issues.

Danny Egan, director of the charity’s health and wellbeing, stated: “We greatly value the connection we have created with IED Training Solutions.”

The company’s generous offer to share a portion of its income is really kind and adds much-needed monies to the pool we may draw from to continue supporting the Royal Marines family.

“We are happy to be able to support and advertise a company that employs one of our own and offers such high-quality goods.”

Another former Royal Marine visited the area in January to help the same charity.

Tim Cossin, a Cold Dip Commando, dived in at several locations throughout the UK over the course of a month-long fundraising effort.

Tim underwent the open water challenge despite receiving a fourth cancer diagnosis, and he also served with 45.

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Source: The Courier


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