Anschütz Launches Next-Gen Electronic Logbook: Introducing the eLog!

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Anschütz, a leading navigation systems provider, has developed a new digital logbook, eLog, which automatically collects data from onboard navigation systems, stores it using secure blockchain technology, and provides ship owners with a compliant and high-quality data source, as reported by Digital Ship. 

Satellite tracking 

The eLog also has new features including a secure file upload function for bunker receipts and loading papers, and a new interface to the FleetMon service which allows real-time or retrospective logging and presentation of AIS targets in the surrounding area, closing the gap of satellite tracking. The eLog brings the maritime industry one step closer to a central and transparent data stream.

Additional logbooks and record books 

Beyond these features, the eLog extends the existing data from the deck logbook and bell book with the additional logbooks and record books:

  • Engine Logbook, designed in accordance with ISO 21745 and with structured templates that are configurable to any engine room setup;
  • Oil Record Book Part I & Garbage Record Book Part I, designed in accordance with MEPC 312 (74) and backed with a smart workflow to avoid mistakes;
  • Harbour Towage Book, fitted with straightforward workflows to support harbour tug crews in their stressful work.

A digital alternative

Anschütz’s eLog offers ship owners a digital alternative to traditional logbooks, providing evidence of navigation, manoeuvring, and command in compliance with ISO standard 21745:2019 and MEPC 312 (74). The eLog allows for both automatic and manual data entries, which are digitally signed and securely stored. Its comprehensive search and filter functions make data analysis, reporting, and export simpler for authorised users. The eLog supports all traditional logbook entries and is recognized as a full equivalent to traditional logbooks by multiple international flag states.


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Source: Digital Ship


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