[Answer] How To Achieve the Ideal Quality for Scrubber Corrosion Resistance?


In the previous scrubber corrosion updates we provided insights on various issues related to corrosion and how can they be monitored and mitigated as put forward by a Norshipping guidance. This is the penultimate update concerning the scrubber corrosion issues and here we are highlighting the how shippers and scrubber manufacturers can achieve the ideal quality for corrosion resistance as put forward by Norshipping.

Corrosion Resistance

First take a look at the corrosion resistance dynamics regarding various issues as shown in the graph given below

Quality Achievement Check Points

Now that you know about the corrosion resistance here’s how you can achieve the quality ideal for this resistance

  • Pre production: WPS/ WPQR, with adequate requirements
  •  Production: Control/ verification of welding parameters.
  •  QC system of fabricator shall be reviewed by metallurgist/ welding engineer.
  •  Separate carbon steel and stainless steel in the workshop.
  •  Ferrite verification of duplex production welds with Ferritescope.
  •  Control of NDT and pickling process.

And that’s how you make a corrosion resistant scrubber solution. So be careful what the manufacturer supplies you and work in a close relationship with the fuel suppliers and scrubber manufacturers.

That’s all regarding the scrubber corrosion issue.

We will discuss more such issues affecting the shipping community. Stay tuned every Wednesday.

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Source: Norshipping 2019 Official Release