[Answer] How To Ensure COVID19 Safe Ship-To-Shore Interaction?


As the coronavirus pandemic keeps jeopardizing life and work in the world, it has become important to follow a proper framework to minimize its effects. Seafarers are facing a tough time continuing with their work, especially when they are onshore. Keeping that in mind, Intercargo, and Vistrato have published Ship-To-Shore Interaction guidelines which underline your questions

Let’s take a look at those


IMO and industry guidelines to ensure the safety of both ship and shore personnel at the ship/shore interface, include:

  1.  Prior to ship’s arrival in port, exchanging via the ship’s agent details of the COVID-19 precautions that:
    A. Ship expects to be observed by all shore personnel due to board e.g. agents, surveyors, stevedores, inspectors
    B. Port expects to be observed by all crew members interacting with shore personnel
  2.  Clarifying any crew change requirements, in accordance with port State guidance
  3. Resolving issues arising due differing standards set by port State, flag State, ship operator and terminal operator
  4.  After ship has berthed, ensuring key precautions are observed by ship and shore personnel, including:
    a. Maximized use of electronic document exchange
    b. Minimising visitors to ship and interactions between shore workers and crew
    c. Restricting crew shore leave, in accordance with current port State and IMO guidelines
    d. Restricting entry of shore personnel into ship’s accommodation
    e. Designation and use of sanitised meeting area on board
    f.  Compliance with social distancing, hand sanitizing, respiratory and PPE precautions
    g. Instructing both ship and shore personnel on the required precautions and PPE to be used
    h. Maintaining good communications and co-operation between ship and shore to resolve any issues that arise
  5. After ship has departed, implementing contact tracking and monitoring protocols on ship and shore



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Source: Intercargo


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