[Answer] How To Know If the Water Alkalinity Is Suitable for Open-type Scrubbers?


Water Alkalinity is the chief reason why scrubbers are employed by shipowners. But how do you know the extent of this alkalinity? While regular checking and testing of alkalinity isn’t possible and also most waters around the world have scrubber friendly alkalinity yet some measures can be taken to the suitability of alkalinity in case of open loop scrubbers.

Here’s how to do it. This ensures Water-Scrubber Compatibility.

The Alkalinity Check

The alkalinity of the sea and harbors open to the sea is typically high and therefore suitable for exhaust gas cleaning. In fact, many rivers also have suitably high alkalinity.

  1. Chemical Titration – It is not possible to carry out continuous online monitoring of alkalinity with sensors, but it could be checked by chemical titration, which is not entirely practicable onboard ship.
  2. pH and Salinity Sensors – Although there is no direct link between salinity and alkalinity or pH and alkalinity, online monitoring of the exhaust gas cleaning system’s water supply with pH and salinity sensors is used as a robust indicator of possible issues i.e. a low salinity and/or pH would suggest entry to brackish water.

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Source: EGCSA