APC Launches New Global Customer Care Role for MarineLINE System

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Manufacturer Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC), with headquarters in AVON, Ohio, has hired Stephen Jarvie for the position of Global Customer Care Manager, MarineLINE, as reported by Xinde Marine.

Tank coating system 

Stephen has been appointed by APC to lead the development of a 24-hour global service for the MarineLINE cargo tank coating system, in response to the company’s growth and customers’ needs for timely technical support. Captain Onur Yildirim, APC Global Marine Manager, highlights the importance of offering a wider breadth of support to customers to maximize the return on investment of their MarineLine coating system.

Customer support

APC is creating a new support role for customers of its MarineLINE cargo tank coating system. The role will focus on delivering technical information and advice to customers to ensure their vessels stay in operation longer and maximise their return on investment. Stephen, who has almost 20 years of experience in sales and customer service roles, has been promoted to a new position from his previous role as APC’s European Sales Manager. He will be responsible for developing a 24-hour global service to respond to customer requests for time-sensitive information, allowing operators to maximise vessel time and revenue.

Future online portal?

Stephen will lead APC’s efforts to provide more support to customers of the MarineLINE cargo tank coating system. The new position aims to offer timely technical information and advice to customers, enabling their vessels to stay in operation longer and maximize the return on investment. Stephen and APC will develop its team of strategically placed personnel across different time zones to ensure that vessel operators can always connect with someone who can help and inform them. APC is also exploring the future development of an online portal for customers to access their vessel information and project and technical reports. APC has 12% of the global chemical tanker coating market with 700 ships coated worldwide with MarineLINE.

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Source: Xinde Marine