API Allows Shipping Companies To Calibrate Fuel Usage


A recent news article published in the Riviera talks about new API enables charterers to estimate fuel consumption.

Embed digitalisation technology

ZeroNorth has introduced a new application interface (API) for advanced consumption and emissions (ACE), to enable charterers outside of the ZeroNorth platform to access fuel models to forecast the estimated fuel consumption of an upcoming voyage and predict a vessel’s profitability.

This API enables stakeholders across the global trade value chain to embed digitalisation technology into daily workflows.

ZeroNorth’s product and engineering teams worked with Veson Nautical teams to ensure the ACE API would be compatible with Veson Nautical’s Web Hook integration within the Veson IMOS platform’s chartering module.

Once configured, the integration will enable Veson Nautical customers to use ZeroNorth’s fuel modelling capabilities as part of their daily chartering workflow when considering a new voyage.

ZeroNorth’s fuel model uses machine learning to predict expected fuel consumption for any vessel, regardless of its itinerary, route or condition. It will help charterers to view a ship’s emissions and fuel efficiency, which will become more important as IMO’s carbon intensity index (CII) rules come into force.

Automatic identification system (AIS) signals

This model uses more than 1.2Bn data points, spanning vessel reports, high-frequency sensors, weather data, automatic identification system (AIS) signals, port stays, drydock and cleaning events and more to forecast the expected operational fuel consumption of a vessel.

ZeroNorth’s ACE API will enable customers to input simple voyage parameters such as origin port, destination port, IMO number and speed and will return fuel consumption estimates from the fuel model, enabling charterers to accurately and quickly evaluate the costs associated with the voyage.

“The powerful API can generate real-time and granular insights to inform chartering decisions, using a huge range of data to calculate fuel consumption and emissions for any vessel carrying any cargo,” said ZeroNorth chief executive Søren Meyer.

“We believe this granularity is what will enable the sector not only to optimise voyages around new pressures like CII, but also build a solid foundation from which we can collectively make more sustainable business decisions.”


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Source: Riviera


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