APM Terminal Infuses USD 60 Million To Boost Port-Equipment Decarbonization

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Electric cars are becoming commonplace on our roads as fierce competition and economies of scale drive down prices, improve technologies, and increase demand. This revolution has yet to happen for high-ticket, low-volume port equipment. But that is now set to change. APM Terminals’ USD 60 million investment in port-equipment electrification pilots, in collaboration with leading suppliers, is set to make the step-change needed to move the industry forward.

Carbon Neutrality

The global terminal company has committed to full carbon neutrality by 2040, a bold ambition it will achieve by optimizing energy consumption, switching to green electricity, on-site renewables, and electrifying assets. Part of this transformation includes the switch from primarily diesel-driven equipment to zero-emission electric versions. A key challenge facing the company is the availability of competitively priced heavy-duty equipment such as reach stackers, terminal tractors, empty container handling equipment, and straddle carriers. Research and development in this area has been slow off the mark and for ports around the world looking to make eye-watering investments in new electric equipment, numerous questions remain unanswered.

Long Term Collaboration 

To support these pilots, APM Terminals recently signed groundbreaking agreements with Konecranes and SANY for a long-term collaboration on the further development of electric port equipment. The company has ordered ten electric terminal tractors, two electric reach stackers and two electric empty container handlers from SANY. APM Terminals also became the first company globally to place an order for four battery-powered Konecranes Noell straddle carriers to be delivered in Q3 2024. Both orders also include charging infrastructure.

Plating The Seed

“This is not an investment on which we will expect to see an immediate or short-term return,” he said. “We are making this investment as a solid benefit for our customers in the long term. It can be seen as ‘seed money’ to stimulate growth in carbon-neutral tools for the benefit of the entire sector and the earth itself.” APM Terminals has identified suppliers, including major names in the business, but also new entrants. “We see young, emerging companies ready to step up and deliver. They have the passion – and the prototypes. We are providing the resources to encourage growth, standardization, and scale, which will lead to accessible pricing,” said Burger.

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Source: Marineinsight


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