Apple to Pay Damages For Patent Infringement



Apple has been ordered to pay more than $234 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the damages for patent infringement.  The suit is for incorporating microchip technology in some of the iphones and ipads without prior permission.

Apple said it will appeal the verdict and did not comment further.

The claim made by the University was $862 million, but the sum declared for the damage was much lower than appealed.  The judge revealed that the act was not done with intention.

Managing Director of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Carl Gulbrandsen, said, “ This is a case where the hard work of our university researchers and the integrity of patenting and licensing discoveries has prevailed.  The jury recognised the seminal computer processing work that took place on our campus.”

An additional lawsuit has been filed against Apple regarding the technology in the company’s latest models, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and iPad Pro.

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