Application Of Laser Technology In Berthing


Laser Technology

The E.U.’s Docking Monitor project was concluded in August.  Automated port safety systems are improved combining berthing aid with a drift monitoring system using laser technology.

The two year project, led by Denmark’s Marimatech AS and Norway’s Teknologisk Institutt, was launched in September 2013.  The collision danger while berthing is indicated by the device that uses high-end laser distance measurement and processing.  The Data from the system can be transmitted to displays, PCs and handheld devices while the integrated alarm system alerts jetty and ship crew if there is a potential danger.  The new drift system was developed after an intensive analysis of various motion measuring algorithms.  Researchers conducted performance tests with a robot system and dummy hull after acquiring necessary lighting and distance measurement systems.  Trials were conducted at the Port of Oslo using a 3D scanner.

The new system has the ability to efficiently and accurately measure drift along the jetty during cargo transfer.  Docking Monitor can particularly be useful in reducing the risk of oil spills during berthing, loading and unloading of oil and LNG tankers, says the project team.

When tankers are at berth the risk of oil spills is very high.  About 20 percent of such accidents reported worldwide resulted in spill quantities of more than 700 tons.  With the introduction of the new system, the risks are likely to be reduced significantly.

Source: World Industrial Reporter