Appointment Arnold Steenbakker to Advisory Board InterDam



InterDam is a leading supplier of heavy duty certified prefabricated walls, doors and windows that are blast resistant over 1.0 bar and can withstand a fire outbreak post blast, including a jet fire. These products are predominantly applied in hazardous environments of large industrial facilities associated with the energy and chemical industry, meeting the most stringent requirements of some of the world’s reputable companies.

“InterDam’s mission is to provide high quality products that create safe working conditions for people and equipment in hazardous environments across the globe. To do this, we design and create standard and customized products for offshore and onshore applications. Innovation is an important part of our culture by which we maintain our strong position and reputation by continuously improving fire and explosion resistance and reducing cost.”, says Berend Groeneveld, CEO of InterDam.

“Our growth strategy is to leverage our existing products to new clients, regions and markets. We will establish an Advisory Board which will consist of external industry and technical experts to assist InterDam management in the implementation of the strategy. I am very pleased that Mr. Steenbakker will join the board.”, adds Berend Groeneveld.

Mr. Steenbakker has 33 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and worked twenty-two years for Fluor Corporation, a leading EPC company, seven years for Fugro as Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Management Board and four years as Chief Executive Officer for Stork, a leading maintenance, modification and asset integrity company.

“Over the course of my career in the oil and gas industry, it has always been a priority to me to create a safe workplace by focus on occupational health & safety and process safety. I was impressed by the performance of the InterDam products under extreme harsh conditions, including maintaining structural integrity after exposure to a fire outbreak after an explosion.” says Arnold Steenbakker.

“With an efficient delivery model and a continuous focus on innovations that impact life cycle cost and weight savings, the company is well positioned for growth. I am pleased to be associated with InterDam creating an even safer workplace for people working in fire and explosion sensitive environments.”

InterDam is currently the only supplier in its field that conducts single sample tests on its post blast products, duly certified to ensure they will safely withstand an explosion and any subsequent fire outbreak.

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