Third COVID Wave To Ripple Through The Globe


  • A Sage government adviser says we will have a substantial third wave, and opening up too soon would lead to an increase of infections.
  • Professor Andrew Hayward told Andrew Marr: “If we were to open up more that will just really fan the flames, and lead to this increasing even faster”.
  • He said a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine only reduces the risk of infection by about a third.

I believe it is now obvious that we will experience a significant third wave of infections. It’s already a major concern how much that wave of illnesses will convert into hospitalisation, and the fact that we’ve had 55% of the adult population double vaccinated means that it might have been significantly less, but we don’t know how terrible it could be as reported by BBC.

New variant

What if I told you that this new variation is at least 60% more contagious, as well as more likely to send patients to the hospital? What does that tell us about the coming weeks when we look at those two numbers? Well, I believe that being 60% more infectious is extremely concerning and that this is the main factor that will determine the speed with which the next wave emerges, as well as the fact that the number of hospitalizations from this infection appears to be up to double that of the previous infection.

Of course, even in the context of people who have just received a single dose of vaccination, it’s really alarming, and I believe one of the significant issues is that the first dosage of the vaccine only reduces the chance of infection by about one-third. So, before we reach the degree of protection, we’ll require both doses.

Infection control service

Do you believe there’s any chance, given all those graphs, that we’ll be able to lift all limitations before the end of the month?

Well, I believe that when you see those graphs going up, what we’re really saying is that depending on where you reside in the country, time is doubling every week to every two weeks. When it comes to the infection control service, So far, one out of every 500 of us has been infected, not a lot, but three or four times, reaching the levels of infection that we were at the peak of the second wave of infection, so I believe that working to open up more would merely fan the flames and cause this to spread even quicker.

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Source: BBC


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