Are You Compliant?

IMO D-2 Compliance

September 8, 2024, the deadline for IMO D-2 compliance is a little over a year away. With the deadline rapidly approaching, we explore the reasons for its necessity and available next steps.

What is the IMO D2 standard?

The IMO D2 standard refers to the ballast water management requirements set forth by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in its International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (known as the Ballast Water Management (BWM Convention).

The IMO D-2 standard specifies:

Maximum amount of organisms that are allowed to be discharged

Specific tolerances on microbes that are detrimental to health

To comply with the IMO D-2 standard, Ballast Water Treatment Systems must be installed.

Why do you need D2 Commissioning Testing?

The D-2 standard requires that the installed Ballast Water Treatment System be Commission Tested by an independent third party. Successful commissioning testing is required to validate the installation of a Ballast Water Treatment System by demonstrating that its:

Mechanical, physical, chemical, and biological processes are working properly

On successful verification, a commissioning test report is delivered, a mandatory step in obtaining an International Ballast Water Management Certificate.

My ship is registered under a flag that has not ratified the standard. Do I need to comply?

Ports that are located in countries that have ratified the standard will require compliance.

What parameters are tested for compliance?

IMO Indicative Analysis (performed onboard)

      • Organisms ≥50 μm
      • Organisms ≥10 μm and < 50 μm
      • Bacteria <10 μm (by request)

IMO Detailed Analysis (lab)

      • Organisms ≥50 μm
      • Organisms ≥10 μm and < 50 μm
      • Escherichia coli
      • Enterococci
      • Toxigenic Vibrio cholerae

VGP Analysis (US EPA) is also offered

      • Total heterotrophic bacteria
      • Escherichia coli
      • Enterococci
      • Chlorite
      • Chlorate
      • Halocetic Acid
      • Total Trihalomethanes
      • Bromate (Ozone)
      • TRO (as Cl2 or ClO2)

Need help?

Reach out to the Viswa Group’s Water Services team (

With a global footprint and labs/staff located where you are, scheduling your Ballast Water Commissioning Test is easy.

Our Water Services team is certified for sampling and analysis as per the 2020 Guidance for commissioning testing of Ballast Water Systems by:

ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Indian Register, Korean Register, Lloyd’s Register, NKK, and RINA.