Armach Robotics Launches Hull Service Robot


Armach Robotics, a Greensea Systems affiliate, has introduced its first post-prototype hull service robot, says an article published in Riviera.

Navigation systems

This 30-kg, 86-cm-long unit was tested underwater on a ship hull in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

It is a smaller, smarter, and more efficient unit than the original prototypes Armach built, which used off-the-shelf navigation systems, a specialised crawler skid, and a separate ROV put together.

Streamlined vehicle

“It worked well in the prototypes but was expensive and clunky,” says Armach vice president of engineering James Truman. 

“For the purpose-built Armach HSR, we stripped out a lot of the structural and electrical overhead from the prototypes,” he explains. 

“That gave us a smaller, lighter, and more streamlined vehicle that can operate in faster water currents and on lower friction coatings. We have tested extensively to minimise hull-coating impact and will continue accelerated life testing and design iteration to ensure long-term reliability.” 


This HSR has Greensea’s OpenSea miniaturised navigation sensors and precision-control processing, as well as an electro-mechanical drive, in-house cleaning components, and remote monitoring and control functions.

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Source: Riviera


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