Artemis Technologies Makes Strides In Electric Foiling Ferry Construction


  • Artemis Technologies, a UK-based maritime design and applied technologies company, reports significant progress in the construction of its EF-24 passenger ferry.
  • This vessel represents a groundbreaking advancement in high-speed electric maritime transport, addressing the pressing need to reduce maritime emissions.

Key Features and Objectives

  • The EF-24 passenger ferry is developed to meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) High-Speed Craft Code.
  • With its cutting-edge technology, this 100% electric foiling ferry aims to balance the necessity for people to move around with the imperative to minimize carbon emissions.
  • Artemis Technologies envisions the EF-24 Passenger ferry enabling cities worldwide to utilize previously unexploited waterways, alleviate congestion, and curb harmful emissions.

Environmental Impact and Cost Efficiency

  • As part of Artemis Technologies’ broader initiative to provide environmentally friendly transportation solutions globally, the EF-24 Passenger ferry operates with zero emissions, offering substantial cost savings for operators over its lifespan.
  • Iain Percy OBE, CEO of Artemis Technologies, emphasizes the significance of this progress in advancing a sustainable maritime future. He highlights the potential for meaningful change in reducing global greenhouse gases while enhancing urban transportation.

Recent Developments

  • In addition to the EF-24 Passenger ferry, Artemis Technologies recently sold a 100% electric foiling workboat to Denmark, set to commence service in the summer of 2024. This vessel represents a pioneering addition to Denmark’s maritime fleet.
  • In 2022, Artemis Technologies launched what it claimed to be the world’s first commercially viable, fully electric foiling workboat, marking another milestone in the company’s commitment to innovative, eco-friendly maritime solutions.

Artemis Technologies continues to lead the way in advancing electric foiling technology, offering sustainable alternatives for water-based communities and economies worldwide.

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Source: Offshore Energy