Asian Ports Assess Impact As Gemini Cooperation Redraws Alliances


  • As Gemini Cooperation unveils its service line-up, key Asian ports find themselves excluded, triggering strategic considerations.
  • Kaohsiung in Taiwan, notably absent, raises questions about alliances and future roles.
  • Meanwhile, analysts predict minimal impact on Hong Kong and Port Klang, while South Korea’s Busan anticipates significant benefits.

Kaohsiung’s Strategic Watch

Gemini Cooperation’s decision to exclude Taiwan’s main container port, Kaohsiung, has put a spotlight on the strategic considerations of key ports. Wang Chin-jung, CEO of Taiwan International Ports Corporation’s Kaohsiung branch, emphasizes the port’s vital role in the shipping landscape. The exclusion prompts a closer examination of alliances, potential shifts in maritime routes, and the broader implications for Kaohsiung as a significant player in global trade.

Minimal Impact on Hong Kong and Port Klang

While Hong Kong and Malaysia’s Port Klang are also absent from Gemini Cooperation’s service line-up, industry analysts downplay the potential impact on these ports. With only one existing call in Hong Kong by THE Alliance, the departure of Hapag-Lloyd is expected to have minimal repercussions on cargo volumes. Port Klang, similarly excluded, is projected to maintain its operational stability, with shipping volumes largely unaffected.

Anticipating Opportunities and Benefits

In a contrasting scenario, South Korea’s main container port, Busan, emerges as a beneficiary of Gemini Cooperation’s service routes. Designated as a port of call for Gemini’s Asia-North Europe and Transpacific services, Busan foresees enhanced prominence in global shipping. Additionally, Busan is slated to serve as a crucial transshipment center for cargoes from China’s Bohai Sea, Dalian, and Tianjin (Xingang) ports. The move aligns with Gemini Cooperation’s objective of creating a flexible and interconnected ocean network with industry-leading reliability, providing insights into potential opportunities for ports aligning with this transformative collaboration.

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Source: Container News