Atlantic Ocean Circulation On Brink Of Collapse, Threatens Climate Stability


According to a new study, the Atlantic Ocean’s circulation is moving toward a tipping point, which is terrible news for the climate system and humanity. The scientists who conducted the research mentioned that they were shocked to see the likely forecast speed of collapse when the tipping point is hit.

Early warning indicator

However, they also added that it wasn’t possible yet to understand how soon the tipping point could be hit. By making use of past data as well as advanced computer models, the researchers have reportedly developed an early warning indicator for understanding such a breakdown of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (abbreviated as the Amoc).

The researchers have discovered that Amoc is moving toward an abrupt and unforeseen shift. Such a change has not occurred in over 10,000 years and would also have massive implications for some of the significant parts of the globe. Amoc encompasses parts of the Gulf Stream as well as other strong currents.

Churning aids

The Atlantic Ocean’s churning aids in distributing energy all over the Earth and modulates the effect of global heating caused by humans. The system, however, is undergoing erosion by the quicker-than-preempted melt-off of the glaciers situated in Greenland and ice sheets in the Arctic Circle that provide freshwater into the sea .

The UK’s Met Office mentioned that rapid changes in the Amoc were doubtful in the 21st century. Per the paper, the results offered a clear reply about whether such a sudden shift was possible. This is unfortunate news for humanity and the climate system. Until now, one can think that Amoc tipping was merely a theoretical notion and that tipping would go away as soon as the climate system, with its additional feedback, was considered, it stated.

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Source : Marine insight



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