Attorney General Requests Gun Shipping Policy Clarifications

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A recent news article published in the MTPR states that Attorney general asks shipping companies to clarify gun shipment policies.

Letters to the heads of UPS and FedEx

On Tuesday, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen sent letters to the heads of UPS and FedEx asking the companies to clarify their policies on shipping and tracking guns and gun parts.

The attorneys general of 17 other states signed on to the letters in a move led by Knudsen, a Republican.

In the letters, Knudsen says he’s heard from gun store owners who say the delivery companies now require the stores to separately ship guns and gun parts, as well as retain documents about the contents of the shipments.

Tracked information can be shared

Knudsen also says he’s concerned the tracked information can be shared with federal law enforcement without a warrant.

A coalition of U.S. Senate Democrats sent similar letters asking shipping companies for clarity on their gun delivery policies in May. The letters demand UPS and FedEx respond with their full gun shipment policies within 30 days.


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