Augmented Reality Diesel Engine Noise


An Augmented reality model of a diesel engine combines both vision and noise in a novel way.  It makes the R&D teams more productive and interactive.

Augmented Reality Application:

3D-model of the engine was used to create a visualisation of the engine for augmented reality (AR).  The AR application is portable to many different handheld devices.  The recorded noise data was used to illustrate the engine noise characteristics in the AR application.

Periodic and broadband noise parameters were extracted from the data.  Those parameters were used for an interactive and audible model of the engine.


The audible model parameters may be modified on-the-fly and various scenarios may be assessed, to enrich the product development.

It is necessary to state the vision VTT has, “A Virtual engine noise evaluation platform for an accelerated development and optimized solutions”, and VTT develops technology for business.


This video was submitted to MFAME at CIMAC Congress 2016 – Helsinki.

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