Australian R&D Project Looking to Optimize Wave Energy for USV Propulsion


Bluebottle-class USVs, developed by Ocius, offer continuous maritime surveillance capabilities for various sectors including oil and gas, security, scientific research, as well as maritime defense, reports Offshore Energy.


According to ACM CRC, as a fully renewable surface vessel powered by solar, wind, and wave energy, Ocius Bluebottle operates well but has limitations when used in strong winds.

The Bluebottle utilizes wave energy through a fiber-reinforced laminated composite rudder, or ‘flipper,’ at the front of the vessel, which provides passive thrust.

This R&D project aims to design and produce a next-generation composite flipper for these vessels to enhance propulsion efficiency, enabling operation in challenging weather conditions and states of the sea.

ACM said that the project will leverage an innovative automated manufacturing procedure, integrating multidisciplinary techniques including scientific computing, optimization, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing.

ACM said that simulation technology development could extend to aero and hydrodynamic simulations of composite structures, like surfboards with improved design efficiency and manufacturing guidance for durable flippers and similar products.

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Source: Offshore Energy