Avoid Unfortunate Tank Cleaning Accidents


Tank cleaning is hazardous, still, a common procedure performed onboard ships. In spite of all the necessary safety precautions and enclosed space entry procedures, accidents still occur while cleaning tanks onboard ships.

Mentioned below are eleven points that must be followed while carrying out tank cleaning on ships:

  1. Never Enter Without Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Take All Equipment And Tools Required
  3. Illuminate the Tank Properly
  4. Communicate Frequently
  5. Take a break at regular intervals
  6. Ensure Breathing Air Is Supplied Without Hindrance
  7. Display Placards On Valves/Pumps
  8. Handle Chemicals With Extra Care
  9. Different Tanks Requires Different Cleaning Operations
  10. Stop Work If It Exceeds Time Limit
  11. Clear The Area Without Missing Anything

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