Babies Aboard: Cruise Considerations

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If your baby does not meet a certain age requirement, there’s no need to display a “Baby On Board” sticker outside your cruise ship cabin. It’s important to note that certain items such as bottle warmers, sterilizers, and baby monitors are not permitted on board. Homemade baby food and inflatable pool toys are also discouraged. Additionally, please be aware that pets, including dogs and cats, are not allowed on the cruise ship. Lastly, for any celebrations during your cruise, please refrain from bringing helium balloons.

Young Babies

When planning a family cruise, it’s important to consider the age restrictions imposed by different cruise ships. While some allow babies on board, they may specify a minimum age requirement of either six months or 12 months. Additionally, certain cruise ships do not permit children at all. To ensure a suitable experience, seek guidance from your cruise agent to find the best cruise line that accommodates families and young children.

Bottle Warmers and Sterilizers

Before packing for your cruise, be aware that some cruise lines have restrictions on bringing bottle warmers and sterilizers on board, while travel sterilizers may be allowed. To avoid any issues, consult your cruise agent or provider to ensure these items are not on the banned list. It’s worth noting that certain cruise lines offer sterilizers for rent onboard, providing a convenient solution when needed.

Baby Monitors

When travelling on a cruise, it’s important to note that baby monitors are generally not allowed due to the metal walls that can interfere with their functionality. However, this shouldn’t be a major concern as you’ll likely be staying in the same room or an adjacent room to your baby, ensuring close proximity at all times.

Parents should be aware that many cruise lines offer babysitting services during specific times of the day. It’s crucial to note that the range and quality of these services can vary significantly among cruise lines. Some may not supervise children under the age of three or may only provide childcare in a “kids club” setting. It’s always advisable to consult with a specialized cruise agent before making your booking to gather accurate information about the available childcare options.

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