Baltic Sea Action Plan Fund Allocates EUR 1 Million To Advance Baltic Sea Health


  • The Baltic Sea Action Plan Fund (BSAP Fund) has granted EUR 1 million to 10 new projects across Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Poland, emphasizing marine biodiversity.
  • These initiatives, supported by Sweden’s recent contribution of SEK 4.5 million, aim to improve the ecological state of the Baltic Sea as outlined in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan.

Enhancing Marine Biodiversity

The recent allocation of EUR 1 million by the BSAP Fund will fund 10 projects with a predominant focus on marine biodiversity. These initiatives address critical issues such as forestry, nutrient discharge, hazardous substances, and sea-based activities, contributing to the overarching goal of improving the ecological health of the Baltic Sea.

Strengthening the Implementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan

Sweden’s recent contribution of EUR 386,000 (SEK 4,500,000) underscores the nation’s commitment to the BSAP Fund. Romina Pourmokhtari, Minister for Climate and the Environment of Sweden, highlights the fund’s role in supporting innovative solutions. The financial backing from Sweden ensures the continuation of projects addressing challenges like eutrophication and biodiversity loss outlined in the Baltic Sea Action Plan.

Project Spotlights: From Ecoforestry to Wastewater Treatment

Among the funded projects, Ekoskog in Sweden focuses on raising awareness of ecoforestry benefits, aiming to reduce land-based nutrient input. Collaborative efforts between forestry associations from Sweden, Estonia, and Finland, led by Innofor Finland, seek to establish National Forestry Standards for sustainable practices. Other projects include initiatives in Finland for oxygen injection testing, wastewater treatment plant renovation in Estonia, and litter discharge prevention in Poland using innovative methods like PortBins.

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Source: NEFCO