Baltic Shipyard Initiates Dock-Side Trials Of Project 22220 Icebreaker Yakutia


  • Baltic Shipyard, a part of the United Shipbuilding Corp, has commenced mooring trials of the Project 22220 nuclear icebreaker Yakutia.
  • The rigorous testing aims to ensure the functionality and quality of the vessel’s onboard systems and mechanisms.
  • Once completed, the Yakutia will undergo sea trials before its scheduled delivery by the end of the year.

As demand for efficient Arctic navigation grows, Baltic Shipyard has embarked on a significant milestone in the construction of the Project 22220 icebreaker Yakutia. The commencement of dock-side trials marks a crucial phase in ensuring the vessel’s readiness for operation in challenging icy conditions. With a legacy of excellence in shipbuilding, Baltic Shipyard is poised to deliver another cutting-edge icebreaker to bolster Russia’s maritime capabilities.

Testing the Vessel’s Propulsion Machinery

The primary focus of the dock-side trials is to assess the functionality of the Yakutia’s main propulsion machinery. Equipped with two RITM-200 water-cooled nuclear reactors, each boasting a rated thermal power of 175 MW, the vessel represents a technological marvel in icebreaking capabilities. Baltic Shipyard’s specialists are meticulously evaluating the performance of these reactors to ensure optimal operation during sea trials and eventual deployment.

Leveraging Experience for Quality Construction

Andrey Puchkov, General Director of USC, underscores the importance of Baltic Shipyard’s experience in constructing the Project 22220 series. With previous deliveries of icebreakers “Arktika,” “Sibir,” and “Ural” showcasing their operational prowess in the Northern Sea Route, the shipyard has honed its expertise in building these complex vessels. Puchkov emphasizes the critical role of Baltic Shipyard in maintaining production quality and meeting delivery timelines for future icebreaker commissions.

Advancing Russia’s Arctic Navigation Capabilities

The Project 22220 icebreakers represent a significant advancement in Russia’s Arctic navigation capabilities. Designed to ensure year-round shipping in the Arctic region, these multipurpose nuclear-powered vessels are the world’s largest and most powerful icebreakers. With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and longevity, the icebreakers will play a pivotal role in facilitating maritime transport and resource exploration in the Arctic. As construction progresses on additional vessels like the Chukotka and Leningrad, Baltic Shipyard remains at the forefront of bolstering Russia’s civil icebreaking fleet.

As Baltic Shipyard continues its legacy of excellence in shipbuilding, the Project 22220 icebreakers stand as testament to Russia’s commitment to Arctic exploration and navigation. With the Yakutia nearing completion, the maritime industry eagerly anticipates its delivery and subsequent contributions to Arctic shipping operations.

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Source: Port News