Barge Carrying Oil Rescued After Collision



Accident type

: Collision


: Collision of Vessel with rocks off British Columbia Coast

Vessel involved

: Barge


: Off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island in Surge Narrows

Oil Spillage

: Nil

A barge, carrying 60,000 liters of diesel fuel collided with the rocks off British Columbia’s coast on Wednesday.  The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) and the crew of a tug tried to control the water taken by the vessel.  The excess water was pumped out of the barge, and the ship was refloated.  Reports show that the vessel is towed to port for repairs.

This place, known for its high tidal currents that can touch the speeds of 16 knots.

Dan Bates, CCG spokesperson confirmed that there has been no leakage of oil into the water carried by the vessel.

Source: theglobeandmail


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