Bearing AI Expands AI-Powered Deployment Planner To Tramp Shipping


  • Bearing AI has announced a set of powerful new features designed specifically for tramp shipping companies.
  • By leveraging advanced AI models, Deployment Planner analyzes vast amounts of historical and real-time data to provide actionable insights into the most crucial operational challenges.

Bearing AI has announced the addition of new features for its Deployment Planner software, designed specifically for tramp shipping companies, reports Smart Maritime Network.

Addressing tramp shipping challenges

While the previous version of the software focused on the more predictable operations of liner companies, tramp shipping operators execute one-time contracts between ports of loading and discharge, often making it more difficult to optimise emissions performance while maintaining profitability.

The latest Deployment Planner version addresses these tramp shipping challenges, leveraging AI models to analyse historical and real-time data to provide recommendations.

The software offers insights into the environmental impact of any upcoming contract and allows chartering, operations, and environmental teams to experiment with different vessel deployments to determine the best fit.

The application is built on machine learning models that the company says can predict the end-of-year (EOY) performance for every vessel in a fleet, whether or not they have a contract scheduled, to estimate and optimise vessel emissions.

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Source: Smart Maritime Network