Belgium Gets A Glimpse Of Autonomous Shipping Future

Credit: mamunurpics/Pexels

Two of a series of 10 pioneering inland barges have been christened this week in Antwerp, giving shipping a glimpse of its potential unmanned future, says an article published on Splash.

Convert to hydrogen

Naval Inland Navigation’s series of so-called drone ships are controlled from a control room on land.

The first two vessels – River Drone 1 and River Drone 2 – have been christened and will work on inland shipping routes, capable of taking dry bulk or containers. The ships are hybrid and electric and come with the option to convert to hydrogen.

Navigation and steering

All navigational tasks, including navigation and steering, manoeuvring, lock passages, mooring and unmooring, communication with other vessels and on-shore authorities via VHF, communication with onboard crew and people on shore is carried out by an onshore operator.

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Source: Splash