Berge Bulk Launches Hyper-Efficient Newcastlemax Vessel


Berge Bulk announces the delivery of its newest vessel, Berge Mauna Kea, marking a significant addition to its fleet. Delivered from Imabari Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. at Saijo Shipyard in Japan, this brings Berge Bulk’s fleet to a total of 89 vessels, with a cumulative capacity of 15 million Deadweight Tonnage (DWT), reports Port News.

Berge Mauna Kea

The Berge Mauna Kea is a Newcastlemax vessel, stretching 300 metres in length and 50 metres in width, with a carrying capacity of 211,599 DWT. The vessel sails under the flag of Isle of Man.

The vessel is named after Mauna Kea, a long-dormant volcano in Hawaii, USA. Mauna Kea is officially the world’s tallest mountain from base to peak, even though more than half of the mountain is underwater in the Pacific Ocean. It is approximately 10,205m (33,481 feet) in height, taller than Mount Everest’s 8,849m (29,032 feet).

Berge Mauna Kea is one of four sister ships ordered by Berge Bulk in 2021 from Imabari Shipbuilding in Japan. The other three sister ships will be delivered over the course of 2024.

The ship was designed and optimised through advanced numerical simulation and physical testing.

The vessel is compliant with EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) Phase 3 in advance of IMO (International Maritime Organisation) requirements.

Berge Bulk is one of the world’s leading independent dry bulk owners and has an outstanding record for its reliable, safe, and efficient delivery of commodities around the world. Starting out with 12 vessels in 2007, the company now owns, operates, and manages a fleet of 89 safe and fuel-efficient vessels, equating to 15 million DWT.

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Source: Port News