Berge Bulk Shifts To Methanol Fuel To Support Circular Economy


  • Shipping company Berge Bulk is likely to order methanol-fuelled vessels in the future.
  • The firm has set itself a target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

Berge Bulk Plans Methanol-Fuelled Vessel Orders, reports Ship & Bunker News.


Berge Bulk is a dry bulk shipping company that strives to decarbonise its fleet. And, has likely ordered methanol-fuelled vessels in the future.

CEO James Marshall informed that the purpose initially involves carbon offsets, but methanol-fuelled ship orders will become a priority in the medium term. The firm has set itself a target of fulfilling carbon-neutral by 2025.

Key points

With 19 methanol-fuelled ships now on order, container line AP Moller Maersk has been the biggest supporter of methanol as a bunker fuel. The enormous challenge for early adopters of this alternative fuel will be to motivate producers to scale up bio- and synthetic methanol adequately for it to cover the new marine demand.


“We’re focusing on methanol. We think that’s a fuel that has staying power.

It can become bio-methanol, and has the potential to have a sort of circular economy and circular carbon footprint, which is important.” Marshall said in a Sibcon panel session.

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Source: Ship & Bunker News 


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