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Broad and important field

Marine engineering is a broad and important field. The entire world relies on ships to transport oil and other cargo. If a ship system encounters a technical problem along the way, marine engineers help correct the issues. In the following article, we examine the best companies for marine engineers, expected salaries, and how to start a career in the industry.

Marine engineering is expected to grow by four percent from 2020 to 2030, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. To aid prospective marine engineers in their career search, contained in this article are detailed descriptions of the highest-paying companies for marine engineers in 2022.

What Is a Marine Engineer?

Marine engineers are responsible for the installation, preventive maintenance, and operation of marine equipment and machinery, as well as equipment maintenance on marine vessels. They work in cargo ship engines, dredges, drill vessels, offshore supply engines, and more. They can also work on oil tankers, offtake facilities, and on passenger tugboats and ships.

To repair, construct and maintain maritime vessels, these experts must understand how to work with different kinds of diesel engines, gas turbines, and steam plants. Their skills are also applied to hydraulic mechanics, propulsion, and structural and electric mechanics. It is considered a branch of mechanical engineering.

How to Get a Marine Engineering Job

Marine engineers are skilled workers and require training beyond college courses to enter the field. Certification might also be required. Below are the steps to landing a marine engineering job.

  1. Earn a degree. The first step is to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in the field. Some colleges offer a marine engineering discipline, while others have related courses. Students can choose any of the marine engineering technology degrees. It’s also important to develop interpersonal skills, technical skills, soft skills, and leadership skills.
  2. Become an intern. Before completing a degree, students should gain some work experience through internships. Internships equip you with valuable skills for becoming a marine engineer. Shipbuilding and energy companies often offer internships to students.
  3. Pass a professional exam. After completing a degree, passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE) is the next step. This exam shows that applicants are ready to apply engineering fundamentals to a workplace environment.
  4. Apply for jobs. Entry-level marine engineer jobs will help new hires learn as much as they can. In most cases, they will be mentored by senior engineers who supervise the work and provide additional training.
  5. Get certified. After working for four years, passing the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying exam (NCEES) allows you to practice as a licensed professional engineer.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Marine Engineering Companies

Company Salary for Marine Engineers
US Department of Defense $229,602
ExxonMobil $190,608
Shell $131,821
MAERSK $125,584
Crowley Maritime $121,332
Bechtel $120,865
DNV $108,952
McLaren Engineering Group $100,444
Mercury Marine $78,207
Virginia Department of Transportation $70,707


US Department of Defense 

The US Department of Defense is a government agency that coordinates agencies and government functions related to national security. Although it isn’t a private company, this body is one of the top recruiters of marine engineers, program analysts, and contract specialists.

What Does the US Department of Defense Pay Its Marine Engineers?

The US Department of Defense pays its marine engineers an average salary of $229,602, per year. This figure is 61 percent higher than the national average salary for this job. The salaries here range from $221,869 to $238,970.

US Department of Defense Reviews

According to reviews, this agency is flexible and accommodating. The government agency also allows employees to work remotely and offers employees awesome benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, tuition assistance, and paid vacations. However, the work environment can be tough, in some cases, and limited employment growth has been an issue in the past.


Exxon Mobil is a multinational corporation engaged in trade, exploration, production, sale, and transportation of natural gas and crude oil. The company also trades petroleum products and petrochemicals.

What Does ExxonMobil Pay Its Marine Engineers?

ExxonMobil pays its marine engineers an average annual wage of $190,608. This figure is 53 percent higher than the national average base salary for this job. The salary often ranges between $114,846 to $195,000. Some of the benefits include paid time off, health insurance, and retirement benefits.

ExxonMobil Reviews

The salary and benefits of this marine engineer job are exceptional. According to employee reviews, this company is an excellent place for entry-level candidates because they will learn everything they need to thrive in the field. Also, having this company on a resume can boost the chance of being selected for a particular role.


Shell is an energy company with expertise in the exploration, refining, production, and marketing of natural gas and oil. The company also produces and markets chemicals using advanced technologies. It employs engineers, process analysts, software testers, and account managers.

What Does Shell Pay Its Marine Engineers?

Shell pays its marine engineers a median salary of $131,821. This sum is higher than the national average for marine engineers in the United States. Shell’s salary range for this postition is $127,592 to $137,477. The salary also comes with some benefits such as 401k plan, health insurance, and paid time off.

Shell Reviews

Shell offers a collaborative environment with bosses who care about employees’ personal development. Colleagues are helpful and the environment is inclusive. It is a great place to start and also works well long term. The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive layoffs, but otherwise, current and former employees speak highly of this company.


MAERSK is an international shipping company that offers inland and ocean freight transportation. Other associated services include port operations and supply chain management. The company is one of the largest commercial vessel operators and container shipping lines.

What Does MAERSK Pay Its Marine Engineers?

This shipping company pays marine engineers an average salary of $125,584, per year. The figure is 28 percent higher than the median salary for marine engineers in the US. The salary range is between $47,752 to $152,925, per year. Benefits often include life insurance, long-term disability insurance, medical care, retirement savings, and paid holidays.

MAERSK Reviews

The company offers great pay and good benefits. According to employees, it also has an impressive work-life balance. MAERSK guards against limited employment growth by providing many internal opportunities for employees. Reviews also state that senior management offers support and managers are not overbearing.

Crowley Maritime

Crowley Maritime offers transportation, ocean towing, and logistics services for offshore production components, cargo movements, and other heavy-duty projects. The company hires logistics coordinators, assistant engineers, and transportation specialists.

What Does Crowley Maritime Pay Its Marine Engineers?

Marine engineers at Crowley Maritime take home an average annual salary of $121,332. This is 26 percent above the national average, and it ranges from $95,549 to $164,467, per year. The impressive salary comes with health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, and a flexible spending account.

Crowley Maritime Reviews

The company offers a flexible schedule and easy process to secure a job, irrespective of skill level. The benefits are great and the work is interesting. Management is accessible, and vessel construction and preventive maintenance are streamlined. These are just a couple of the reasons current and former employees say this a solid place to work


Bechtel is an engineering, project management, and construction company. It is known for projects like Channel Tunnel, Hoover Dam, and Tacoma Narrows Bridge. This company operates in over 45 countries and has more than 55,000 employees.

What Does Bechtel Pay Its Marine Engineers?

Marine engineers at Betchel earn an average annual salary of $120,865, which is far above the national average. Aside from this high salary, employees also enjoy benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

Bechtel Reviews

Current and former employers say Bechtel is a fantastic place to work because the management cares about the well-being of its employees. The company often starts the day with safety seminars and stretching exercises. Safety and health are the main focus, which is why employees are required to stretch their spines from time to time to prevent pain from sitting too long.


DNV is an international risk management and quality assurance company. This brand has more than 11,000 employees and branches in over 100 countries. It is one of the biggest names in the renewable energy industry.

What Does DNV Pay Its Marine Engineers?

DNV pays its marine engineers an average salary of $108,952, per year. This figure is 17 percent higher than the national average and can range from $103,796 to $112,391. The salary also comes with health insurance, free food, paid time off, and parental leave.

DNV Reviews

DNV cares about its employees and facilitates an excellent company culture. Current and former employees said the company is diverse and employees are motivated. People can opt to incorporate remote work into their regular work schedules, which improves the work-life balance of employees in the company.

McLaren Engineering Group

McLaren Engineering provides testing, engineering, and prototyping capabilities for manufacturing, and product requirements to support OEM customers. The company hires inventory clerks, product engineers, and desktop support technicians.

What Does McLaren Engineering Group Pay Its Marine Engineers?

This company pays its marine engineers an average salary of $100,444, which is above the national average. Some benefits this company offers include health insurance, 401k, and short-term disability plans.

McLaren Engineering Group Reviews

McLaren engineering has a lot of fun projects that make it an interesting place to work. Upper management is helpful and employees collaborate to make the processes run smoother. According to employee reviews, this is generally a good place to work.

Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine offers boats, engineers, and services for government and commercial marine applications. It also empowers boaters with products that make their jobs easier. The company hires systems analysts, solutions engineers, design engineers, and distribution managers.

What Does Mercury Marine Pay Its Marine Engineers?

Mercury Marine pays its marine engineers an average annual salary of $78,207, which is a lot lower than most of the companies on this list. Some of the benefits employees enjoy include health plans, flexible spending accounts, and disability plans.

Mercury Marine Reviews

Mercury Marine has great reviews. The company offers biannual raises and great benefits such as paid time off. Overall, past and current employees rated Mercury Marine 3.7 out of five stars.

Virginia Department of Transportation

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is a government agency responsible for transportation, as the name implies.

What Does the Virginia Department of Transportation Pay Its Marine Engineers?

The Virginia Department of Transportation pays its marine engineers an average of $70,707, per year. This figure is far below the national average for marine engineering jobs.

Virginia Department of Transportation Reviews

According to current and former employees, VDOT is an excellent place to work, but its compensation is poor compared to other companies in the marine industry. However, it is a good place to start. It also allows employees to work remotely or implement a hybrid approach to their regular work schedules.

Why You Should Become a Marine Engineer in 2022

Marine engineering is quite broad, and with that comes several opportunities and specialties. You can choose to work in design, innovation, development, preventative maintenance, or even the production of vessels and engines. It also provides a chance to work on vessels and platforms of all sizes. This high-paying profession is perfect for water lovers.

Best Companies for Marine Engineering FAQ

What kind of company is best for marine engineers?

Marine engineers mostly work for energy and shipping companies. They often help ensure that the marine engines are in optimal working condition. These types of companies are the best and highest-paying for marine engineers.

What companies use marine engineers?

Major industries that use marine engineers include Mercury Marine, Shell, ExxonMobile, MAERSK, DNV, Betchel, McLaren Engineering Group, and Virginia Department of Transportation.

Are marine engineers in demand?

According to the BLS, marine engineers and naval architects is expected to grow by four percent over the next several years, which is slower than the national average for employment projections. While this seems like it could be a deterrent for job seekers, the field is still quite profitable for the professionals in it.

Do marine engineers make good money?

Marine engineers make a handsome salary. They earn a median of $76,502, annually. Those with more skills and experience can earn six figures, per year. The field also provides a lot of potential for growth, especially for those adept at innovative maintenance, marine consulting and surveying, technical services, and a wide variety of engineering services.

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