Best-In-Class Anticorrosive Universal Primer From AkzoNobel


AkzoNobel Unveils The New Anticorrosive Primer Intershield® One-2-One

AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business has unveiled the new anticorrosive universal primer, Intershield® One-2-One which delivers enhanced corrosion protection.


Intershield® One-2-One is a surface tolerant universal primer for use during on board maintenance.  Intershield® 300 pure epoxy technology acts as a base to the new product which provides a unique balance of abrasion and corrosion resistance with optimum levels of hardness and flexibility, delivering long-term performance and effective corrosion control.

Benefits of Intershield® One-2-One:

  • The product can be used as a primer on most areas of vessel.
  • It enables simplified paint stock management for crew members who can consolidate several products into a single maintenance solution.
  • It meets all the required on board maintenance characteristics as well as the service performance expectations of the vessel operator.
  • This can reduce paint wastages significantly.
  • The risk of incorrect mixing and subsequent coating failure can be avoided.
  • Small crew-friendly pack sizes with an equal mix ratio are available that can be handled with ease by users.


  • It has enhanced surface tolerance properties that enable it to be applied to a wide range of surfaces with reduced surface preparation requirements.
  • It has been engineered for use in temperatures as low as -50C and will cure to dry film down to -200C.
  • This removes the need for weather dependent on-board maintenance in most areas, providing vessels and crew with increased flexibility in maintenance scheduling.

Robert Wong, Marketing Director at AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business, said: “In an industry where crew members continue to face increased responsibilities, optimising time spent on on-board maintenance is essential.

With Intershield® One-2-One, we have delivered a simplified and versatile solution that enables crew members to use purchased coatings effectively and efficiently, on many surfaces and in many operating environments.  This effectively support ship owners in preventing the onset and progression of costly corrosion, and protect the integrity of a vessel’s steel, even while operating in harsh environments.  It reflects our focus on providing essential innovations that meet our customers’ maintenance requirements.”

Source: AkzoNobel


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