BGMEA Urges Customs Department for Streamlined Shipment Certification Process

Credit: David Dibert/Pexels

The customs authority has been requested to make it easier to issue certificates for short shipments of goods in terms of exports to the top organisation representing Bangladeshi garment manufacturers and exporters, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). A short shipment occurs when the quantity and/or value of goods actually exported is/are less than what is declared in export shipping documents, as reported by Maritime Gateway.

Short shipments 

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan reportedly requested a meeting with the customs house in a recent letter to the Commissioner of the Chittagong Customs House (CHC) to ascertain what factual documentation is necessary for the issuance of certificates when it comes to short shipments.

According to sources who spoke to the media at the time, work was apparently ongoing to update all data regarding the post-export short shipment of items in the Asycuda Word System.

Complications in the system

Even though this system is said to have been hindered by a number of issues, the Bangladesh Bank, National Board of Revenue (NBR), the exporters, and the CHC have held several meetings to address the issue, but it was unable to be resolved due to a number of complications related to modern automated environments, such as those present in the Asycuda Word System, which is an integrated customs management system for international trade and transport operations.


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Source: Maritime Gateway