Bill Gates Says He’d Marry Melinda Again If He Could


Bill Gates intends to marry Melinda French Gates, his ex-wife, “all over again”, as reported by Yahoo.

A Wonderful marriage 

The Microsoft founder told The Sunday Times that despite their divorce in 2021, he doesn’t regret marrying Melinda, the mother of his three grown children.

“Every marriage will go through a period of transition once the children leave the house.”

“Unfortunately, mine went through the divorce process,” Bill said. “However, in my opinion, it was a wonderful marriage.” I wouldn’t change anything. “I wouldn’t want to marry anyone else,” she says. “Yes. I’m talking about whether or not I’d marry Melinda again. I don’t have any plans for the future, but I definitely encourage marriage.”


According to Bill, the couple’s divorce was so peaceful that they’ve remained friends despite Melinda’s refusal to use the word “friend” in a recent CBS interview.

“She opted not to use that word in an interview, but I will,” Bill told the outlet. “We have a really crucial, intricate, and close connection in which we’ve chosen to collaborate. And I’m thrilled that we’ll be able to collaborate.”

But, as Bill revealed, “I’m going through the same thing she is… We grew up together, you know.”

Bill and Melinda Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s founders, married in January 1994 and announced their divorce in May 2021. Their divorce was finalised in August of that year.

Jennifer, 26, son Rory, 22, and daughter Phoebe, 19, are their three children.

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Source: Yahoo


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