Bimco Shipping KPI Standard Version 3.0 Activated


The updated version of the BIMCO Shipping KPI standard (v3.0) is now active in the first quarter of 2018 which is now open for data submitting.

What’s new with v3.0?

  • Updated definitions: Expert group reviewed all definitions of Performance Indicators (PIs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Shipping Performance Index (SPIs) and adopted them to the new trends and regulations by incorporating lessons learnt
  • Unified PI measuring period: Simplified reporting by measuring all PIs on a quarterly basis
  • Unified KPI calculation period: Simplified KPI interpretation by calculating all KPIs on a quarterly basis
  • Updated Ship attributes: The number of ship attributes collected per ship is reduced. Ship type is updated based on IHS StatCode Level 3

If you use the import functionality to submit your ship data then it is highly recommended to review your import file and adopt the excel sheet accordingly.

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Source: Bimco