BIMCO’s New Survey To Collect Information On Biofouling Management


  • BIMCO is launching a new survey to gather information about the effectiveness of their anti-fouling systems (AFS).
  • The information gathered will help BIMCO provide factual information to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) about biofouling management in practice.

BIMCO is launching a new survey with the aim of gathering information from shipowners about the effectiveness of their anti-fouling systems (AFS), reports BIMCO.

IMO’s Biofouling Guidelines Status

The topic of biofouling is increasingly on the agenda at the IMO and several national governments. The existing IMO guidelines on biofouling (Resolution MEPC.207(62) – 2011 Guidelines for the control and management of ships’ biofouling to minimise the transfer of invasive species) are currently under review.

BIMCO’s Questionnaire Survey

BIMCO is actively involved in the revision of the guidelines and is seeking to ensure that the revised guidelines remain practical for shipowners. To build our argumentation on facts, BIMCO has developed a questionnaire to collect shipowners’ views on the practices of biofouling management, especially the use and effectiveness of anti-fouling systems (AFS) and in-water cleaning.

Who are all invited to take up this survey?

BIMCO encourages shipowners – both members and non-members – to take part in the survey, as this will help us build a robust argumentation when it comes to help improving the biofouling regulations.

Take part in the survey – BIMCO Biofouling Survey 2021

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Source : BIMCO


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