BIO-SEA BWTS Gets IMO G8 Approval


  • BIO-UV Group reports that its ballast water treatment system BIO-SEA has successfully passed IMO G8 testing without any operational restrictions.
  • From October 2021, tests will be required to verify installed systems are compliant with the D2 standard during the commissioning process.
  • The BIO-SEA range of ballast water treatment systems have been designed for flow rates between 10m3/h and 2,000m3/h.

BIO-UV Group’s ballast water treatment system BIO-SEA has successfully passed all land and shipboard testing and is now IMO G8 approved without any operational restrictions, reports the company website.

Compliant and updated systems

Xavier Deval, BIO-SEA business director, commented: “We welcome the new and more rigorous approval process because the operational performance of each individual system is recorded and affords system standardisation across a shipowner’s fleet.”

This is the very best way shipowners have of ensuring their systems are up to date, compliant and capable of doing the job,” he added.

Mandatory tests during commission

BIO-UV has more than two decades’ experience in producing ultraviolet-based BWTS, with its BIO-SEA range available in either a skid-mounted system (pictured) or as a modular package to aid retrofit, designed for flow rates between 10m3/h and 2,000m3/h.

Mandatory tests during commissioning to verify installed ballast water management (BWM) systems are compliant with the more rigorous D2 standard form part of the amendments to the BWM Convention that the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee adopted at its MEPC 75 meeting in late November.

Originally due to enter force in October 2021, introduction of the stricter commissioning rules was delayed eight months by the MEPC until June 2022 to allow for operational disruption caused by the pandemic.

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Source: BIO-SEA



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