Biofuel-powered Trial Voyage Sees 75% Emission Cuts


Spar Shipping, Fleet Management Limited and GoodFuels have announced that they have successfully completed a 10-day trial of 100% sustainable marine biofuel on board Spar Shippin’s bulk carrier Spar Lynx, reports Biofuels International.

Next-gen sustainable biofuel

Spar Lynx was refuelled with GoodFuels’ biofuel during its port stay in Dordrecht, in the Netherlands, before sailing to the port of Icdas, in Turkey. The next-generation sustainable biofuel was derived from a variety of feedstocks certified as 100% waste or residue, including processed used cooking oil and animal waste fats.

The trial was the first bio-bunkering undertaken by Spar Shipping and its ship management partner, Fleet Management. The sustainable marine biofuel supplied by GoodFuels delivers a reduction of at least 75% in well-to-exhaust carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

85% cut in sulphur oxide emissions

Over the voyage, Spar Lynx saw a 85% cut in sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions when compared to traditional fossil-based marine fuels. Analysis and continuous monitoring by Fleet Management using a NOx meter supplied by GoodFuels showed the NOx emissions did not increase at a higher speed when using biofuel, contrary to some industry assumptions.

Asian partnership to study ammonia trade
The trial also further confirmed the safety and technical viability of biofuels for the future fuel mix. Ahead of the trial, Fleet Management undertook a full inspection of the Spar Lynx’s engine to compare the vessel before and after sailing.

A role to play

Following the voyage, no particulates or differences in engine performance were recorded, which demonstrates biofuel’s ability to seamlessly “drop in” to existing vessels, requiring no changes to existing tanks or engines.

The sustainable biofuels industry needs takers to be able to scale up, and the maritime industry is looking for availability and low cost. To this end, we all have a role to play,” Jarle Ellefsen, Managing Director at Spar Shipping AS said.

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Source: Biofuels International


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