Black Box Recovered from Fire-stricken Sunken Ship


  • Marine experts from the Merchant Shipping Secretariat with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Navy recovered the “Ship’s Black Box” from the fire-stricken sunken ship MV X-Press Pearl.
  • The Ship was laden with tons of chemicals, plastic material, and 25 tonnes of nitric acid, Sri Lanka Ports Authority officials said.
  • The Singapore-flagged was caught ablaze for 12 days and was mostly destroyed in the fire.

A recent news article published in the Republic World by Zaini Majeed states that Sri Lanka Recovers Black Box From Fire-stricken MV X-Press Pearl ship.

Black Box recovered from MV X-Press Pearl

On June 6, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority announced that Sri Lankan Navy recovered the ship’s voyage data recorder also known as the black box.

VDR is an instrument safely installed on a ship to continuously record vital information related to the operation of a vessel.

VDR data on a ship can be used as vital information during an accident investigation.

Special diving operation

A team comprising several senior diving officers of the Sri Lanka Navy, conducted a ‘special diving operation’ to inspect any fuel leakage from the fire-damaged ship.

Deep-sea divers conducted an initial inspection to assess the condition of the hull. No signs of oil or chemical spills have detected so far, Sri Lanka’s Ports Authority said.

Operator X-Press Feeders

Operator X-Press Feeders informed that the Salvagers are vigilant on the scene to deal with the oil spills, as it apologized for the maritime disaster.

Sri Lanka’s ports authority stated that Sri Lanka’s Navy, Indian coast guard, salvage crews, and local authorities were prepared to deal with any immediate chemical disaster, oil pollution, or debris, as the teams were monitoring the situation 24 hours.

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Source: Republic World


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