Bluestone To Install Air Lubrication on 2 Princess Cruises Ships

Source: Princess cruises

Bluestone Group, a specialist construction company based in the UK, has won a contract from Princess Cruises to install Silverstream Air Lubrication System (ALS) on two cruise ships, Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess.

The latest contracts come on the back of the successful installation of the ALS on board the Regal Princess and are to be completed within the first half of 2023.

Net fuel savings of 5-10%

Silverstream’s ALS is a fuel-agnostic efficiency technology which reduces a ship’s fuel consumption and emissions by lowering the frictional resistance between the hull surface and the water. The typical installation on a 300m LOA cruise ship includes 4 to 6 air compressors delivering compressed air to the flat bottom through 12 ARU – Air Release Units. This creates a uniform carpet of microbubbles which coats the hull. Depending on the type of vessel, speed and hull geometry, the system provides average net fuel savings of 5-10%.

Bluestone’s scope of work includes all activities within the vessel, from the installation of air compressors to stainless steel and steel piping, electrical cabling and connections, ventilation upgrade and modification of steel structures. The yards will be responsible for the installation of the ARUs in the hull.

The contract is part of Carnival’s strategy to install air lubrication ships across its fleet through 2027 to save fuel. Carnival is currently installing the Silverstream System ALS on five ships for its Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises (UK) brands.

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Source: Bluestone


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