Boat Capsized off Southern Vietnam


Boat Capsized off Ho Chi Minh City


In Vietnam, off the coast of Ho Chi Minh City, the Hoang Phuc 18 capsized at around 7 p.m.  Friday on Soai Rap River, Can Gio Dist.  There was a crew of 17 including captain Nguyen Trung Tuong.  Thirteen crew members including the Captain were saved.  Divers are making efforts to find and rescue two crew members believed to be trapped inside the boat braving strong currents, wind and waves.

Rescuers were firm that two more men are stuck inside the boat and are still searching for the other two.  Authorities fear that bad weather may force the operation to halt at night.

The boat, carrying 700 tons of stones and machinery, was anchored on the Soai Rap in rough weather when it suddenly listed to starboard. In five minutes the boat turned turtle.  “Everyone panicked,” Sang said. He swam to a barge about 100 meters away and was saved.

Ho Hoai Nam, 21, said he was sitting in his room when suddenly “everything fell to the floor.”  The boat quickly flipped and the water gushed in Local fishermen saved Nam and nine other crew members, including Sang before vessels of the Coast Guard and search and rescue forces reached the scenes and rescued three others.

Captain Tuong was trapped in an air pocket inside the boat.  A helicopter had been pressed into service.

Source:  Thanhnien News