BOKA Vanguard Completes Its First Marine Decommissioning Project

Credit: Roy Liz Barlow

Boskalis’ largest semi-submersible heavy transport vessel was part of a major marine decommissioning project for the first time. After our colleagues of SMIT Salvage secured and disconnected a floating production unit (FPU) off the West African coast late last year, our BOKA Vanguard recently transported this vessel to Scandinavia where it was successfully delivered to a ship recycling facility, reports Linkedin.

BOKA Vanguard

With our versatile fleet, Boskalis is able to deploy its vessels for multiple purposes. The BOKA Vanguard is a good example. In the recent past, she has been used to transport the 322-by-48 meter cruise ship Carnival Vista as well as a newly built 385-by-60 meter fish farm.

Last but not least, the BOKA Vanguard transported six caissons with a total weight of more than 93,000 tons: her heaviest cargo ever.  We thank the joint Boskalis and SMIT Salvage team for their efforts in this successful marine decommissioning and transport project!

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Source: Linkedin


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