Booster Shots to Protect Vulnerable, Says WHO


  • The WHO Director-General stated that impoverished countries should concentrate on delivering dosages to poorer countries.
  • Following the Covid-19 rise in Europe, the government urges more people to be vaccinated.
  • The Czech Republic has become one on the growing list of states to give booster shots.

The World Health Organization Europe’s assessment of the third immunization, adopted by an increasing number of countries, was more positive than the United Nations’ prior assessments of the medical organization, reports Reuters.

To protect the vulnerable

Data on the third shots were inconclusive, according to WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus, who had previously stated they should be suspended, and authorities should focus on providing the dosages to poorer countries.

Tedros stated, “A third dose of vaccine is not a luxury booster (that is) taken away from someone who is still waiting for a first jab. It’s basically a way to keep the most vulnerable safe.” He added that a spike in COVID-19 transmission rates across Europe, along with poor vaccination rates in several countries, was “deeply worrying.”

The Booster shots

The Czech Republic announced that everyone vaccinated at least eight months before would be eligible for booster shots, joining a growing list of countries stepping up efforts to combat the coronavirus Delta variant’s spread.

In response to the WHO Director General’s last week’s general observations, Pfizer and BioNTech reported the third dose of their vaccine, the most widely used in the Western world, which has produced more than three times as many antibiotics as the second injection.

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Source: Reuters


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