Boris Johnson to Take Big Bold Decisions


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was ready to take “bold decisions” to rebuild the economy after the coronavirus pandemic as his Conservative Party met Sunday for its first annual conference, says a news source published in ABC News.

Johnson’s challenges

The Tory conference opened Sunday in the northwestern city of Manchester as a shortage of truck drivers to deliver fuel across Britain continues to cause empty pumps and long lines at many gas stations. 

  • Labor shortages in Britain 
  • Higher taxes
  • Rising energy bills
  • Cut in welfare payouts

are among other challenges facing Johnson.

Johnson argued that Britain’s economy is simply going through a post-Brexit “period of adjustment” after leaving the European Union, and said supply chain problems and shortages in food and fuel could continue until Christmas.

Boris on Shortage Crisis

 Before the conference, Johnson said he was ready to take the “big, bold decisions on the priorities people care about — like on social care, on supporting jobs, on climate change, tackling crime and leveling up.”

Asked about the truck driver shortage crisis, Johnson said it was a “chronic problem” associated with an over-reliance on migrant workers who were willing to work for low wages and poor conditions.

Past Effects Present

Britain has long suffered from a shortage of truck drivers, but the problem has come to a head with the combination of Brexit, which ended workers’ freedom of movement from the EU to Britain. 

Brexit and COVID-19 have also exacerbated existing labor shortages across a wide range of industries from hospitality to construction and the food industry.

The Next Move

Around 200 military personnel, including 100 drivers, will take to the roads starting Monday to help ease fuel supply shortages.

The Petrol Retailers Association has welcomed the move but warned it would have a limited impact given the relatively small numbers involved.


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Source: ABC News


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