Box Ship Dragged Anchors and Hit a Container Vessel


Two Containers Collide at Anchorage


Two container ships dragged anchors and collided at Schouwen-Duiveland anchorage, west off Hook of Holland.  The box ship Berwick dragged anchors and was pushed by the heavy seas and strong winds to the already secured container carrier Victoria.  Due to the impact, both vessels collided and suffered slight damages of the hulls, but remained afloat.  Following the collision, the container ship Berwick lost two anchors and suffered an engine failure, while the vessel Victoria lost starboard anchor.

The accident was reported to local authorities and salvage tugs were dispatched to the scene of the accident.  The salvage tugs secured the two vessels at anchorage for inspection and safety survey.  After it was estimated that there were no sufficient damages the ships were released to return to service.

Fortunately, during the accident, there were no instances of injured people and no water pollution.  The investigation about responsibilities concerning collision is under way.

The crew of container carrier Berwick succeeded to repair the engine trouble and proceeded by own power towards Hook of Holland.

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Source: HVZeeland


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