Boxship Attacked by Pirates – Be Vigilant in the Gulf of Aden!


Pirates Warded Off While Attempting to Board a Boxship in Gulf of Aden


A container ship underway spotted five skiffs approaching from astern.  As a result the master raised alarm, increased speed and the crew mustered.  As the skiffs closed to five cables from the ship a ladder was noticed in one of the approaching skiffs.  Armed team onboard the vessel fired warning shots.  Master contacted the authorities and a nearby Japanese warship dispatched its helicopter, which resulted in the skiffs aborting and moving away.

With the crew and vessel safe, this approach continues to remind us of the threat in the Gulf of Aden and helps to validate the ICC IMB report statement that ‘the threat of Somali piracy has not been eliminated’.

The #IMB piracy report released on 27th April, summarised the ‘Off Somalia/Gulf of Aden’ section with the closing comments: ‘As the IMB PRC continues to monitor the situation in the region it cautions ship owners and Masters against complacency.  Somali pirates still have the capability and capacity to carry out attacks.  The IMB PRC believes that a successful hijacking of a merchant vessel, will rekindle the Somali pirates’ passion to resume its piracy efforts.  As of 31st March 2016, suspected Somali Pirates continue to hold 29 crew members for ransom’.

The report says “IMB PRC advises shipmasters to stay vigilant and follow the industry’s Best Management Practices while sailing through these waters especially as the situation onshore in Somalia remains fragile and the threat of Somali piracy has not been eliminated.”

Source: IMB Piracy Reporting Centre


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