Boxship Collided with a Tanker off Ningbo



On May 6, the boxship “Cosco Fukuyama” reportedly collided with a product tanker GAO CHENG 2 in Xiashimen Channel, Ningbo-Zhoushan port.  The boxship sustained severe damages from the incident, including a breached hull, since the tanker hit it on its port side. Tanker suffered damages to its bow from the collision.

The box ship reportedly was anchored in the waters north of Hengdao island, as of 16:30 UTC May 10 was still at anchor and is expected to get repaired at Zhoushan Ship Repair Yard. Whereas the tanker is berthed at Zhoushan since the collision.

There were no news of oil spill or injuries to the crew reported from the incident so far.

Source: HSDHW news


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